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Cynosure Smartskin™ fractional C02 laser system

Take 10 years off of your skin! Whether you are looking to refresh your look or appear years younger, there are many reasons why you should consider The Cynosure Smartskin micro-ablative skin rejuvenation treatment:

  • Reduce wrinkles
  • Treat brown spots
  • Improve skin irregularities
  • Smooth and treat uneven pigmentation
  • Treat dark under eye circles
  • Reduce pore size
  • Lift and tighten skin laxity

Over the years, signs of aging appear as a result of exposure to the sun (photo aging) as well as the effects of gravity and the natural aging process. The texture and tone of our skin weakens and can be damaged, often resulting in unwanted wrinkles and fine lines, sun spots and larger pores. This look of premature aging can have adverse effects on our self image.

The good news is that The Cynosure Smartskin C02 fractional laser provides a way to rejuvenate and restore skin to a more youthful appearance with one treatment. The skin is treated one micro portion at a time. Each micro column receives just enough laser energy to vaporize the aged skin while also stimulating new collagen growth of surrounding tissue. It’s more than skin resurfacing, it’s deep skin rejuvenation. Immediately after the treatment, your body naturally starts working to replace aged tissue cells with new ones. The week following the procedure, the skin texture is visibly smoother, healthier and younger looking. Over time, collagen will regenerate and restore the supporting structure of your skin.

The Cynosure Smartskin C02 laser truly is the ‘gold standard’ for laser resurfacing and skin renewal. While the aging process is natural, it can and does take a toll on our bodies and our skin is often the first area to show signs of aging fatigue. If you have noticed wrinkles, age spots, sagging or loose skin recently, realize that there are ways to restore health, firmness and color to your skin without surgery, long recovery or extensive medical bills. The Cynosure Smartskin C02 laser is a micro-ablative,fractional procedure that divides targeted skin into columns via laser light. Each column of the skin is treated oneatatime with just enough highpowered laser energy to eliminate dead or damaged skin and rejuvenate cells and tissue deep inside the body. After only one treatment, you will seeresults as your body replaces dead cells with new ones.

How Does My Skin Sustain Damage?

Our skin naturally sustains damage in the normal aging process, which may account for large pore size, dark undereye circles, increased skin laxity, and a decrease in collagen and elastin. Constant exposure to Denver’s 300+ days of sunshine per year along with the dry air can weaken the skin’s natural defences. . High pressure jobs, inadequate sleep and poor dietary habits can accelerate the aging process and negatively impact the resilience of our skin.

What Does Cynosure Smartskin Do?

Cynosure is one of Divine Laser Studio’s most comprehensive skin treatment lasers. It improves skin irregularities (brown spots, pigmentation changes, blotchiness and uneven texture.) This procedure lifts and tightens skin,. Cynosure can treat bags and dark circles under your eyes, making you look and feel more energetic. Finally, this procedure can reduce the size of skin pores, eliminate the possibility of acne and reduce dry or oily skin.